Food plays an important role at The Harvester with items from the menu being sourced from local suppliers wherever possible and the use of fresh ingredients being an integral part of the preparation of our meals.

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Steaks come from Joseph Morris of Lutterworth. The fillet, which we buy whole to ensure quality, is hand trimmed in our own kitchen to ensure a perfect cook each time.

Soup of the Day Always home made and full of flavour £2.00
Prawn Cocktail A classic, good sized prawns and a spicy sauce £4.00
Egg Mayonnaise with Prawns Fresh hard boiled egg topped with plump prawns and rich mayonnaise £4.00
Harvester Mushrooms Mushrooms filled with paté, breadcrumbed and deep fried. Served with salad. £4.50
Chef's Paté A classic coarse meat paté served with warm toast £4.00
Baby Sweetcorn's in Garlic Butter   £4.00
Smoked Mackerel Fillet Served with horseradish sauce on a bed of salad £4.00
Spicy Breaded Prawns with Garlic Dip Large prawns coated in a spicy bread crumb and presented with a hand made garlic dip £4.50
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T-Bone Steak Once banned, now back better than ever £14.50
Fillet Steak Cut from the whole fillet and hand trimmed here in our kitchen £15.50
Sirloin Steak Top quality steak with just a touch of fat to add to the flavour £13.50
Gammon and Pineapple The full round of Gammon £10.50
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Deep Fried Scampi The best quality whole tail scampi there is £10.50
Dover Sole A classic for fish lovers, we just simply grill the fish remove all the bones and serve the 4 fillets simple, £18.50
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Fillet Steak Rossini Fillet steak served on a croûton topped with paté and coated with red wine sauce. £16.50
Fillet Steak au Poivre Fillet steak with crushed peppercorns coated in a sauce finished with brandy and cream. £16.50
Sirloin Chasseur Sirloin steak coated with a white wine sauce containing onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and tarragon. £14.50
Chicken Kiev Chicken breast filled with garlic butter, deep fried and served on a bed of rice and salad. £13.95
Pork Scallopi a la Marsala Pork tenderloin cooked in butter and rosemary and coated in Marsala sauce. £13.50
Lamb Chops Bar-Man Grilled lamb chops garnished with grilled tomato, bacon and mushrooms. £13.95
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Selection of Sweets
Cheese Board of British and Continental Cheeses

Decaffeinated Coffee
Liqueur Coffees
Gaelic Coffee
Tia Maria Coffee
Café de Paris
Your personal favourite available on request
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Wine List
House White Part of our award winning pier 42 range this is a light easy to drink Chennin Blanc from South Africa, Goes well with food or on its own at the bar £15.50
Liebfraumilch One of the better examples of this medium wine from Germany £9.95
Villa Wolf Pinot Gris from Germany a smokey nose with peach fruits a lovely dry wine and a great creamy texture £14.50
Marie-Louise Parisot Bourgogne Chardonnay 01/02 Clean, snappy chardonnay fruit is what you're after - untainted by heavy oak flavours - then this is definitely the white for you. Its fruity flavours and lemon zing make it the ideal refresher. £13.50
Moulin de Daudet Viognier 02/03 If Chardonnay is to 20th Century for you then this is were you need to be a fusion of flowers, fruit and spice with the kick of a mule but with more class. £14.95
Miller's Grove Riesling 2003 If you've yet to show a little faith in what Riesling can do down under, then this great little bottle is a good place to start. Not sweet, not rough, just full of citrus honey crunchiness. £12.95
Ca'Vit Castelliere Pinot Grigio 02/03 Pinot Grigio is the New Chardonnay! Now a more popular wine than Bridget Jones' fave, this wine shows why: crisp yet soft; fresh yet creamy; complex yet quaffable. £12.45
De Martino Legado Chardonnay Reserva 2000 What do you get when you cross a family of Italian wine makers with some of the oldest vineyards in Chile? The answer is an elegantly cheeky chardonnay with a life of its own. An intense yellow colour and a silky-smooth smack in the mouth make this wine a sophisticated siren with a great sense of humour. £14.95
Monos Locos Sauvignon Blanc 03/04 Monos Locos - the crazy monkeys. They dance, they jump, they swing - but that's just on the label. Inside the bottle you'll find some of Chile's finest Sauvignon Blanc. £13.50
House Red Always a good value wine in this case a rich jucy Shiraz from South Africa part of our pier 42 range £15.50
Guia Real Vendimia Seleccionada Rioja 02/03 You know what to expect from a bottle labelled 'Rioja', and this one is the business. Aged just that little bit longer in oak, with just the right hint of vanilla, and black cherry, the finish is just a little bit spicy. £14.95
Ca'Vit Principato Merlot delle Venezie01/02 Italian wines are certainly more appealing these days and this subtle little beauty is a great example of just how enticing they can be. Packed with ripe plums, a twist of chocolate, and smooth delicate flavours with a touch of zest. £12.50
Two Blues Limestone Coast Fleurieu Cab Sauvignon This is a gorgeously dark wine from the gorgeously bright Fleurieu peninsula on Australia's south coast. When a vineyard gets as much sunlight and fresh ocean breezes as this one does, the wine is bound to be something special - and this berry-ripe beauty sure is. £13.50
Three Gables Shiraz 2002 If you are of the mind that the Aussie Shiraz you have been so faithful to over the years isn’t quite what it used to be, welcome to the young South African pretender that'll plug the gap with ease. South Africa is jumping at the moment and Shiraz is leading the charge. This one is a delicious bramble fruit number. £14.95
Georges Darriaud Cotes du Rhone 01 From the banks of the Rhone river which the area its name, this is a magic blend of Grenache and Syrah, to make a great fruit driven wine, if you only drink ‘new world’ try this and remember the days when Oz was a place were Wizards lived. £13.95
Marie-Louise Parisot Burgogne Pinot Noir 01/02 Marie-Louise Parisot has picked up the gauntlet thrown by the Oz invaders and is producing superb Burgundies, like this Soft on tannin and bright on fruit with ripe berry flavours the order of the day. £34.50
La Chasse Du Papa Cotes Du Rhone Deep purple not a rock band but the colour of this rich spicy wine, lots of black fruit and yet the tannins are well rounded. £13.95

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