guest beers

This is a selection of the beers that have previously or are currently making a "guest" appearance on our bar.

Name Brewery ABV Description
Sea of tranquility Milk street brewery 4.2% touch of smoke in this fine beer from a small pub based brewery
.410 Golden Valley Ales 4.1% An old fashioned traditional ale with a lovely rounded finish.
3/6 Hoggleys 3.6% A classic from one of the best local brewerys
303AD Hook Norton 4% English Malt and English hops combine to make a very English beer. Dry and crisp with a hint of citrus, 303AD being the year of St George is the Beer of St George.
6X Wadworth 4.3% 6X is brewed from 93% pale malt, 4% crystal malt and 3% cane sugar. The bitterness units of 22-24 are obtained from Fuggles hops (85% of total) in the copper and Goldings hops (15%) on the hop back plates. Colour rating is 28 .
99 Red Baboons Blue Monkey 4.2% An unusual combination of fruity hoppyness with a dark, malty side. This beer is distinctly difficult to categorise – is it sort of a porter or maybe a mild? You decide! ABV: 4.2% Colour: Dark Ruby Hops: Pilgrim, Celeia, Others
Abbott Ale Greene King 5% A full-bodied very distinctive beer with a bitter sweet aftertaste
Adnams Broadside Adnams 4.7% A mid-brown bitter with a well-balanced flavour of fruit, malt and hops on a bittersweet base fruity aroma bitter fruit finish
Ahtanum Gold Oldershaw Brewery 4.3% A golden coloured best bitter, generously hopped with 'Ahtanum' hops and late hopped with 'Mount Hood'.
Aisling Potbelly Brewery 4% Light and easy to drink summer ale
AK McMullen 3.7% A mix of malt and hops leads to a dry aftertaste that some times stops a little short
Alchemy Oldershaw Brewery 5.3% A real light soft to the touch 5.3% summer style bitter, easy on drinking with just enough to catch you out later
Ale Crew Brew no details %
Ale Mary Leeds Brewery 4.5% A warming Christmas brew. Richly spiced without being overbearing, spiritually uplifting in quantity.
American Land Kelham Island 4.5% ‘There's diamonds in the sidewalks, there's gutters lined in song, Dear I hear that beer flows through the faucets all night long' There's treasure for the taking, for any hard working man Who will make his home in the American land’ - So said Bruce Springsteen A golden ale brewed with Maris Otter and Munich Malt to give an aromatic Malty Character. The choicest American Cascade Ahtanum hops combine to give a powerful fruity fresh hop nose. Yes this will be flowing through the faucets all night long
Apparition Full Mash 4.5% light pale colour with hints of lemon and citrus, from this very small Nottinghamshire brewery.
Archers Arrows Archers 4% A brown bitter on the dark side of ruby red, lots of hops, with a clean dry finish.
Art Nouveau Art brewery 3.9% If you like your hop content high, but your abv low, this golden session ale is ideal. We've packed it with four different hops to make this beer full of flavour despite being just 3.9%.
Arthur's wit Church End Brewery 6% Strong in all ways, load of flavour, taste and a great finish.
Asteroid Black Hole Brewery 4% As men first brewed beer minds immeasurably superior to ours stood watching with great interest and slowly and surely they made their move. The brewery is sited in the old Ind Coope bottling plant in Burton on Trent
Augustus Derventio 4.1%
Autumn Ale Archers Ales 4.8% a rich malt brown bitter, with a fruit and hop after taste, and a long finish
Autumn Fall Bateman 4.2% A copper red beer brewed with Maris Otter pale, crystal and amber malts and hopped with classic Goldings variety
Autumn Glory Exe Valley 4.5% well rounded beer with a rich ruby colour, made from the finest ingredients
Ayslum Oakham Ales 4.5% Premium amber bitter with insane hop aroma and character, grapefruit and berries to taste before you’re certified to a bitter end
Banbury 400 Hook Norton 4.7% Gold coloured with pale head. Richly hopped and dry beer, plenty of geen leafy resinous hop notes with a sweet tinge. Lacks a little body, lightly malted and quite crisp. Nice finish. Get it while you can.
Bard's Bitter Wye Valley Brewery 4% A pale amber coloured ale brewed with pale, wheat and crystal malt to commemorate the annual 'Ledbury Poetry Festival'. The rich, lingering almost fruity hop character is derived from the use of Challenger hops as the sole variety, with two infusions at different stages of the brewing process.
Barn Owl Cotleigh 4.5% A distinctive and full flavoured premium strength bitter. Copper coloured premium ale with hints of toffee and nut with a smooth malty bitter sweet finish.
Barn Owl Cotleigh 4.5% A favourite with The Hawk & Owl Trust as the conservation officer Chris Sperring MBE came to the brewery in 1982 and asked for a beer to be brewed with an owl name. Ever since this day the beers have evolved into Owls and Hawks except for some funny exceptions. We promise our children that we do not brew with any 'owl feathers'. Tasting Notes A distinctive and full flavoured premium strength bitter. Copper coloured premium ale with hints of toffee and nut with a smooth malty bitter sweet finish. Ingredients Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts; Goldings, Fuggles and Northdown hops.
Barron's Hopsit Exe Valley 4.1% Hoppy, fruity, good nose, hops through to finish
Bass Coors 4.4% brewed with a unique twin yeast strain gies Bass a distinctive nutty, malty taste.
Bats in the Belfey Church End Brewery 5.6% A top Church end bitter full of flavour and taste for these cold winter days
Belfast Blonde College Green Brewery 4.3% A pale, clean beer on the palate with a delicate hoppy nose and distinctly 'moreish' tendancies.
Best Bitter Archers 4% A mid brown best or session bitter of 4%
Betty Stogs Skinners Brewery 4% Classic pale amber mid strength bitter with distinct hoppy overtones. A beautifully balanced quaffing ale. Serve chilled if preferred. Contains Cornish malted barley and wheat. Bitter finish is slow to develop but long to fade.
Beyond the pale Elland 4.2% BEYOND THE PALE – 4.2% A pale golden bitter brewed with a touch of Munich Malt and a pronounced floral aroma and finish from the North American Cascade hops.
BFG Black Country Ales 4.2% Bradley's Finest Golden (BFG) Bitter 4.2% A straw coloured quaffing beer, ith an impressive bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetnes and a lingering refreshing aftertast.
Bitter Shrewed Ale Newmans Brewery 4.2% based on the beer festival best seller pole cat i am sure this will be top hit
Black Country Bitter Holdens Brewery 3.9% An impressive golden straw coloured medium bodied ale, brewed using the finest English Maris Otter malts and choicest Fuggles. An impressive golden straw coloured medium bodied ale, brewed using the finest English Maris Otter malts and choicest Fuggles giving a distinctive and assertive hop character, balanced with a fruity palate and a malty finish. Dangerously drinkable. Champion Beer of Britain Silver Medal Winner in the Bitter category 2005.
Blissful Brown ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.6% Full flavours with raisin and malt sweetness
Bobs Dog Jumping Frogs Church End Brewery 4.2% in the house style
Bobsledge Jack Cottage Brewing Company 4.5% Part of the Whippet series, a 3/4 brown bitter with full roast malt and hops and a aroma that is all mince pies and xmas trees.
Boston Fat Boy Church End Brewery 4.4% A very pale, yellow beer with a sharp hop bite, created by the use of green hops
Brass Band Archers 4.3% Bold as brass like the BBC's new weather map bright shiny and with great flavour, all english hop a real nice pint
Broadside Adnams 4.7% Rich fruitcake aromas – almonds, zest and conserved fruit. A wonderful balance of malt and hop flavours. A pint to savour. An easy drinking pint rich in flavour. Adnams Broadside enjoys a special place in our hearts. Brewed to celebrate the Battle of Sole Bay in 1672, Adnams Broadside has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame.
Buckeye Archers 4.5% Another in the run of super light summer beers this on is all malt and hops with a short finish, the term Buckeye, well the pump clip comes with a butterfly on it but a google search does not reveal why!!!!!
Bumble Beer Wentworth Brewery 4.3% Honey beer made from English honey, and a winner at the GBBF 08 of a silver medal.
Bycle - Ale Church End Brewery 4.6% Brewed for the Coventry Beer festival
Camberwell Beauty Wentworth Brewery 4% not a butterfly or a book by Jenny Eclair, but a rather fine bitter not to hopped or to dry, you couls even sit out side with it and look at the butterflys or read a book.
Captain Bob Mighty Oak 3.8% A traditional deep amber coloured bitter brewed with Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand. The aroma is fruity and hoppy and on the palate; there is a slightly sweet maltiness that balances an easy going bitterness that is followed by hints of gooseberry, elderflower and grape in the finish.
Captain Smith Titanic Brewery 5.2% Dark red/brown beer hoppy and bitter with malt and roast malt flavours and a long bitter-sweet finish
Caribbean Calypso Archers 4.2% Ultra light like the England batting line up, but a taste that bowls like Monty
Chameleon Salopian 3.8% A stylish refreshing summer ale that defies its strength with an abundance of citrus flavours and zesty overtones
Champflower Cottage Brewing Company 4.2% A mediumcoloured beer with a fine hoppy aroma and finish
Chaos Engine Oakham Ales 4.1% Light, amber coloured ale with delicate blackcurrant and rich aroma, steaming along to a moreish, dry, bitter finish.
Cheltenham Gold Goffs Brewery 4.5% A classic gold bitter for a classic horserace.
Chinook Oakham Ales 4.2% Brewed in response to comments from Oakademy of Excellence Members who wanted lower gravity beers. Chinook is the 2nd in the series of single hop variety beers. Gold in colour, with a rich aroma of gooseberries, lime, and grapefruit. The flavour starts off with smooth citrus before leading into an intensive tart grapefruit with a seriously dry finish.
Classic Gold Bitter Church End Brewery 4.5% Just what it says on the label a classic golden bitter from one of the most well thought off Warwickshire brewers.
Coalition Ale Church End Brewery 4.1% A mix of Goats Milk and Gravediggers ale, no if only they will reduce the beer duty!!!
Cop Gun Church End Brewery 4.8% Based on the top selling "Hop Gun" this uprated version is well hoped and pale in but taste, so named because one of the brewery staff got a speeding ticket!!!!
Copper Ale Hook Norton 4.8% Hook Norton welcomes September with its latest seasonal brew Copper Ale. Copper Ale, at 4.8 per cent ABV, is a premium, dark red ale with a strong, dry and slightly spicy palate and aftertaste. It contains Maris Otter pale ale, aromatic, amber and enzymic malts together with a marvelous mix of Fuggles, Goldings and Challenger hops. Hook Norton Managing Director James Clarke said: “Hook Norton’s Copper Ale is based on a recipe we used to create Celebration Ale which was brewed to commemorate the brewery’s 150 anniversary in 1999 and is now back in our 160th year. “Hook Norton Copper Ale, at 4.8 per cent is a strong, dry and slightly spicy beer with hints of citrus.
Corianna Outlaw Brewing Co 4.3% light in colour, lots of hops with a touch of greatfruit in the after taste!!
Cornish Coaster Sharps Brewery 3.6% With the exhaustion of the mining industry Cornwall's fishing fleet now keeps this bold tradition of commercial seafaring alive albeit bound by fishing quota red tape. Cornish Coaster pays tribute to all those down the centuries who have bravely plied their trade around Cornwall's rugged coastline.
Cornish Jack Sharps Brewery 3.8% Light brown, some hops and very rare due to a short production run
Corrianna / Red Mist bridge of allan/Outlaw brewery 4.5%
Cotswold Lion Hook Norton 4.2% The Cotswolds Conservation Board is celebrating 40 years of protected status for the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). And Hook Norton has joined in the celebrations with a new brew Cotswold Lion, at 4.2 per cent ABV, to mark the occasion, and 5p from every pint sold is being donated to the Cotswolds Conservation Board. The beer is a pale, fruity ale, brewed with Maris Otter malt and hopped with Fuggles. Brewer James Clarke said: “This is the first time we have brewed a single varietal beer.” Over the past four decades AONB designation has meant that the Cotswolds has been conserved and enhanced and that any change has, where possible, been in keeping with the distinctive nature of the area.
Cotswold Lion / Fortyniner Hook Norton / Ringwood 4.2% see each beer
Cracker Church End Brewery 5% light colour, with a rich smell of winter days and a touch of sweetness in the aftertaste and now 5.0%
cuthberts Church End Brewery 3.8% Classic church end bitter
Cutting Ale Church End Brewery 4.8% First brewed for the 99 Harbury beer show
Darwins Origin Salopian 4.3% Darwin’s Origin is an eclectic mix of hops from across the world but this blend produces a beer that offers something to everyone. Crisp, tart, fruity and refreshing but also with a juicy malt background. History: The brainchild of Debbie here at the brewery, Darwin’s Origin is the most recent addition to the Salopian core range in both cask and bottle. It was brewed to celebrate Shrewsbury’s most famous son Charles Darwin. Like most additions to the permanent range of beers, Darwin’s started off as a monthly special and the reaction of our customers and staff saw it replacing Abbey Gates.
Decadence Brewsters 4.4% A golden ale with a hint of malt sweetness from caramalt. Passionfruit and grapefruit aromas on the nose. First taste gives a complex zesty hop palate leading on to a fresh herby finish. SIBA National Silver 2009 Best Bitter SIBA East Gold 2009 Best Bitter
Deltic Diesel Cottage Brewing Company 4.7% A light floral bitter with a pale straw colour
Dixies dark destroyer Dark Tribe 9.7% if you have to ask
Doombar Sharps Brewery 4% Taste Notes from Head Brewer Stuart Howe "The aroma of Doom Bar is an accomplished balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. The mouth feel is a perfectly balance and complex blend of succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malty notes and a subtle yet assertive bitterness. The bitterness remains into the finish with dry fruity notes which implore the drinker to go back for more."
Dorothy Goodbody Golden Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.2% A light gold coloured ale with good hop character throughout. Ingredients:- Pale, wheat and pale crystal malt, with locally grown Fuggles and East Kent Goldings
Dorothy Goodbodys Christmas Stocking Wye Valley Brewery 4.3% Dorothy loves Christmas, with all the cards that come in the post. Standing them up by the fireplace is the bit she loves the most. A chestnut brown beer brewed with seasonal spices to give a rich warm flavour.
Dorothy Goodbodys Lager Wye Valley Brewery 4.8% Matured for 60 days, this refreshing straw-coloured premium strength lager has a clean, crisp flavour balanced with a delicate hop bitterness. It's teriffic with tapas – especially patatas bravas and chorizo
Dorothy Goodbodys Springtime ale Wye Valley Brewery 4% One of the original Dorothy Goodbody seasonal beers, this is a dark golden ale with an intense hop flavour and aroma.
Double Barrelled Hook Norton 4.3% BASC Director of operations Simon Hamlyn said: “This is great news for the BASC centenary celebrations. What better way to celebrate a 100 years of success than with a beer produced by one of the country’s leading independent brewers. ” Hook Norton’s Managing Director James Clarke said: “Hook Norton Brewery is extremely proud to have worked with BASC in creating Double Barrelled. Being a rural independent brewer with an interest in conservation it is important that we aid organisations like BASC wherever possible. “The beer, at 4.3 per cent ABV, is the perfect compliment to the fruits of the sport. “With a glass of this Oxfordshire beer, raise a glass to toast those people who have made the BASC what it is today.” Double Barrelled is a pale ale with aromas of soft fruit and a hint of orange. It has a full and almost spicy flavour
Double Stout Hook Norton 4.8% Double stout is a full bodied smooth stout with a hoppy aftertaste, Double Stout is dry-hopped and based on a 100 year old recipe.
Dragon's Breath Hop Back Brewery 4% A real beer brown in colour with a proper beer smell and a taste that hides the fact that chilles are used in the making of this beer
Drop Goal Church End Brewery 4.5% Not really produced for the lovers of odd shaped balls! Golden and bitter, with a silky smooth finish.
dulce Full Mash Brewery 4.6% The most pale bitter you will see, very easy to drink great taste
E Type Jaguar Sadlers Ales 3.8% fruity fresh and floral
E-Type Adnams %
E-Type Cottage Brewing Company 4.1% like the e-type this beer is sexy and wont last long due to it being good looking and of great style. shame it is only 4.1 a 4.2 e-type was much better
Early Fruits Wentworth Brewery 4.1% Reddish brown. Fruity aftertaste and thats all it says on the brewery website
East Street Cream RCH Brewery 5% Pale brown in colour with chocolate hints hoppy fruity and bitter-sweet
Eden Sharps Brewery 4.3% Hops dominate the aroma of Eden Pure Ale complemented by the light fruit esters. In the mouth again hops are the centerpiece with dry bitterness and a hint of malty sweetness. The finish is dry and hoppy serving to stimulate and refresh the palate."
Editor's Ale Wye Valley Brewery 3.8% Risbury Editor. A prize winning Hereford Bull from the Risbury Court herd. Red in colour, like Editors coat, this is a smooth malty, biscuity ale with hints of chocolate and a silky texture
Ellant Elland 4.1% pale
Embargo Church End Brewery 4.8% A rich full ruby red bitter
English Summer Black Country Ales 4.1% A refreshing light brown summer ale of fine balanced character, with a moreish lingering hoppy aftertaste of Fuggles and Cascade.
English Winter Black Country Ales 5.5% A trad mid-brown bitter, and a little more ABV to help keep out the cold
Excelsior Ossett Brewery 5.2% SIBA NATIONAL SUPREME CHAMPION 2003 Our strongest permanently available brew. Excelsior has a mellow yet full flavour that develops into fruity dryness on the palate. A fresh, hoppy aroma with citrus, toffee and floral characteristics.
Excommunicated no details %
Fallen Angel Church End Brewery 5% Cask handpull at the brewery. Lagery gold pour with creamy white suds. Fresh green hop bite, orange-citrussy tanginess and fresh bread afters. A thicker bodied, fruitier version of Altar’s Ale. My only criticism of these crisply hoppy golden bitters CE specialise in is that drinking a range of them over an evening is like being tapped over the head ever-so-slightly-harder with the same mallet. But it’s a good mallet.
Field of Gold Tunnel Brewery 5% A summer ale, yes, but as the summer draws to a close and night get cooler, so the beer darkens just a little, a get a touch stonger, now with 10 or 11 brewers in the county, its going to be a great winter
Fire-bellied Toad Frog island brewery 5% An award-winning 5.0% pale ale which exhibits the full aroma, flavour and bitterness characteristics of a single variety of English hop, Phoenix. This golden-brown beer is brewed with English Marris Otter pale malt, wheat malt and crystal malt and has a sweet, floral aroma. A slightly sweet initial flavour is followed by lasting hop flavour and bitterness. This cask-conditioned beer won a Silver award at the Beauty of English Hops competition in 1997
Firkin Freezin' Salopian 4.1% Our best selling festive ale makes a popular return. A distinctive a light copper coloured ale, brewed using hops from New Zealand that produces an aromatic fresh fruity beer.
First Light Hook Norton 4.3% A salute to the approaching summer, First Light is a pale, light brew with a complex aroma anticipating heady days of al fresco. Malted wheat and malted barley give it an exotic palate; Styrian Goldings provide a fruity nose with hints of water melon and lychees
Flagship Hook Norton 5.3% Named by a customer this great beer stands up well, and is the flagship of the range
Flower Power Wye Valley Brewery 4.4% A pale straw coloured beer that is bursting with flavour thanks to the use of Styrian Goldings hops and fresh elderflowers. It's great as an appetiser, or with a fruity summer pudding!
Flying Herbert North Yorkshire Brewing Co. 4.7% Full-flavoured premium bitter smooth and well balanced
Flying Top Bakehouse Brewery 4.4% A mid-brown bitter, full of fruit and hops with a sweet finish
Flying top / Swindon Strong Bitter Walsh's Bakehouse / Archers 4.4%
For Honour & Victory Cottage Brewing Company 4.7% A light straw colour bitter, with a dry hop after taste and the great sense that we put one over the Frogs and the Spanish!!!
Fortyniner Ringwood 4.9% Light, fresh hop bouquet. Rounded malt in the mouth with strong hop balance, deep bittersweet finish. Golden full-bodied malted beer, silver medal winner at the '96 International Beer Competition at Burton-on-Trent
Frosty Ferret Hoggleys 4.3% Rich and spicy with the scents and tastes of Christmas, Frosty Ferret will add sparkle to the coldest and darkest winter days.
Full moko Sadlers Ales 4.2% Brewers Notes: Pale golden ale with citrus apple, grapefruit and crushed gooseberries.
Galahad Goffs Brewery 4.3% A distinctive full bodied brown ale, full of fruit and malt.
Generation Hook Norton 4% A pale brown best bitter, predominantly hoppy but balanced with moderate malt and a short hoppy finish
Geordie Pride Mordue 4.2%
Geordie Pride Mordue 4.2% Tasting notes A well balanced, hoppy bitter with a long, bitter finish. An amber hue and a hoppy, fruity aroma. Colour Taste
Goats Milk Church End Brewery 3.8% Golden yellow nectar. Pale barley, crystal malt and oats, blend to fill the palate with flavour. Aromatic hops dance over the tongue for a gentle hop finish.
Gold Exmoor Ales 4.5% A long hopped finish of the single malt style beer the colour as you would expect is golden with a sweet finish
Gold / Dragon's Breath Exmoor Ales / Hop Back Brewery 4.5% see each beer
Golden Archers 4.5% Just what is says
Golden Arrow Cottage Brewing Company 4.5% Golden beer with a powerful floral hoppy aroma a fruity full-bodied taste with a dry bitter finish
Golden Eagle Cotleigh 4.2% Golden Eagle is as the name suggest a golden beer, not to rich in malt or hops but a fine balence of both
Golden Newt Elgood's 4.6% A well balanced but dry palate with bitterness unusual malted grain types give fruity depth to this dry hopped beer
Golden Seahawk Cotleigh 4.2% Brewed at Cotleigh for 16 years as Golden Eagle, this land lubber has taken to the water and become a 'Fish Eagle'. The seahawk itself has inspired many great inventions including ships, helicopters and a campus magazine. To our American cousins there is a famous football team in Washington called 'The Seattle Seahawks!' hence the alternative name for an 'Osprey'. For maximum taste benefits though, we recommend you stick to the Cotleigh creation. The same great tasting beer, just with a new set of feathers. Tasting Notes A bright golden coloured best bitter. Smooth and malty with a background of honey flavour offering a refreshing and citrus smooth finish. Ingredients Pale and Crystal malts; Goldings, Challenger and Styrian hops.
Golden Train Archers 4.5% light, well hoped dry biiter with a smooth after taste.
Goodwill Archers Ales 4.5% A full rich brown biiter, with a great mix of hops and malts that lead to a long dry finish.
Grantham Dark Oldershaw Brewery 3.6% a dark classic style mild for mild month of may
Green Man Sadlers Ales 4% An extremely pale, lager styled ale. Brewed using the Finest European lager hops. This is truly the perfect quaffing ale. Refreshing and very drinkable.
Green Manalishi Church End Brewery 3.8% Another 'once a year special' brewed with fresh green hops. This is a golden yellow bitter which is extremely tangy in flavour
Gridlap Bakehouse Brewery 5% A Dark Brown Nutty Beer Full Of Malt From Our New Local Brewery
Guardsman Windsor & Eton 4.2% Our first beer and we have high hopes that one day our pump clip will become as recognisable around Windsor as the Guard’s bearskin hats that the design it is based upon. Guardsman Best Bitter is a copper-coloured session strength ale with a tangy taste, smoothed by oak conditioning and a really fresh hop. It is brewed with premium Maris Otter pale malt and a blend of Pilgrim, Styrian Golding and Fuggles hops.
Guinevere Goffs Brewery 4.1% A lighter style traditional ale with a balanced bitterness and a slight spicyness to the character.
H.P.A. Wye Valley Brewery 4% A delightful pale ale, smooth on the palate with a citrus hop aroma leading to a balanced bitter finish. Ingredients:- Pale malt and Wheat malt. English Target and Styrian Goldings hops.
Hagley Hall Archers 4.5% Light colour full hopped beer.
Happy new beer Church End Brewery 4.2% A very light golden ale a nice change after all those dark winter ones
Harvest Hop Wye Valley Brewery 4.5% Brewed with fresh Herefordshire Fuggles, from our local hop farmer, just two hours off the bine. This burnished gold premium ale has a delicate hop character balanced by a full bodied, malty flavour. Nice with stuffed baked apples.
Haymaker Hook Norton 5% A strong pale ale of distinctive taste. Plenty of Goldings hops during the brewing give it a certain something extra - like sunshine dancing on the tongue.
Heartlands Bitter abc Brewery 4.2%
Heartlands Bitter abc Brewery 4.2%
Heartlands Bitter abc Brewery 4.2% A golden amber bitter brewed using a blend of maltsand finished with english golden hops for a bittersweet finish.
Hereford Pale Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4% Ok lets look at the facts it's from Hereford, it's pale and it's an ale, so it dose what it says on the pump clip and at 4% it's light and tasty
His Lordship's Whisky Beer Archers Ales 5.2% A full rich malty brown/red beer with the touch of whisky in the aftertaste, drinks well below it's 5.2% weight
Honey Dripper Blue Bear Brewery 4.5% Straw-coloured by nature, the honey twist is buzzing with floral notes. A gentle bitterness keeps this beer light and fruity to ease the load
Hooker Ale Church End Brewery 4.5% Description: A complex mix of three hops combines with the robust blend of malts, to produce a full flavoured, light brown bitter
Hophead Dark Star Brewing Co 3.8% Due to the fact that they dont put there beer on the most stupid web site i have seen in ages, just drink it and find out.
Hung drawn 'n' portered North Cotswold Brewery 5% Strong dark treacle porter with well balanced taste of Bramling Cross hops.
Hylder Blonde Dark Star Brewing Co 4.2% A delicate and lightly hopped beer with the fresh fruitiness of South Down’s elderflowers witch are added after the boil to preserve their delicate aroma.
I.K.B Archers 4% A beer to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He became the chief engineer of the Great Western Railway company and as Archers Brewery is located in a former GWR engine weight shed, we feel it appropriate to have brewed this beer to commemorate the life of this great man who became a world class engineer.
I.P.A Archers 4.2% I gave the first drop of this to a customer and they said "tastes like an I.P.A" well praise indeed,
Imperial Wentworth Brewery 3.8% Golden-amber ale. Aroma is quite light and spicy. Rich pale malts and a spicy/sweet Golding hoppiness. Soft palate with low bitterness and rich pale malt character. Some light breadiness. Simple, but well-constructed highly drinkable session ale
India Pale Ale (IPA) Church End Brewery 5% A proper IPA brewed the way it should be, pale with lots hops, a joy to drink.
Indiana Bones and the Golden Whippet Cottage Brewing Company 4.6% Part of the new Whippet series from Cottage a light golden, well hopped beer, great taste and clean aftertaste
Inferno Oakham Ales 4% Bronze Champion Bitter & Pale Ale - SIBA National Competition 2009 !! This light igniting ale flickers complex fruits across your tongue leaving a dry fruity bitter finish smothering your thirst
Jack & The Dragon Cottage Brewing Company 4.8% A cool pale bitter very easy to drink, dry hoppy with a touch of spice, just right for sharing with the Dragon in your life!
Jeffery Hudson Bitter Oakham Ales 3.8% ers J.H.B. Jeffrey Hudson Bitter A golden beer whose aroma is dominated by hops that give characteristic citrus notes. Hops and fruit on the palate are balanced by malt and a bitter base. Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours
Jouster Goffs Brewery 4% A classic beer from a brewery that has become a regular on our guest beer list, light in colour with fruit and hops great summer drinking.
JPA Sadlers Ales 3.8% pale, hoppy ale with a crisp and zesty character
Kislingbury Bitter Hoggleys 4% A complex beer with deep malty tones impeccably balanced with a moreish fresh hoppy finish. The perfect traditional English pint.
Kodiak Bear Town Brewery 4% A thirst quenching, straw coloured and very drinkable with citrus fruit and hops aroma and sharper bitter, clean aftertaste Champion Beer at the Wolverhampton beer festival Finalist at The Great British Beer Festival.
Landlord Timothy Taylor 4.3% Dry and bitter finish complements the spicy citrus hop character of this full flavoured beer
Larks Rise Cherwell Valley Brewery 4% Light and pale with a hint of citrus, form this new brewery just south of us in oxon
LATE OTT Tunnel Brewery 4% TUNNEL BITTER– “LATE OTT” (4% abv) (Light At The End Of The Tunnel ) A dark golden session bitter with a mouth-watering fruity nose. It starts soft and fruity on the palate. It soon gains a solid, slightly perfumed hop edge. The finish is beautifully dry and bitter. A beautiful beer for hop heads! Rumour has it... The tunnel, after which the brewery is named, was built back in 1765 and took 2 years of blood, sweat and tears to complete. The hill, through which it passes, has a distorted magnetic field and disrupted the compass readings. The diggers did not meet in the middle as planned and as a consequence two tunnels were dug. In the outcry that followed the engineer was hung from the tunnel entrance. To this day sightings are still reported of a ghostly apparition deep in the dark of the tunnel, for ever searching for the… LATE OTT.
Launcelot Goffs Brewery 4.5% A classic light style bitter, lots of hops dry clean taste, part of the ales of the round table series, and an aroma that lasts to the bottom of the pint
Launcelot Goffs Brewery 4.5% A pale yellow ale with a floral nose and a clean hoppy aftertaste
Lavender Ale Hornbeam brewery 4.1% Lavender ale made with lavender
Legger's Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.6% True Wye Valley style light fruity and just a touch of malt in the finish.
Little red corvette Kelham Island 4% A flavoursome red ale brewed with Maris Otter and Crystal Malts. Specially selected rare continental hops contribute to the sweet malty taste.
London Pride Fuller's 4.1% Well-balanced golden brown best bitter hoppy aroma and sweetish fruity palette drying finish
Lord Marples Thornbridge Brewery 4% Named after the aspring Lord Marples of Thornbridge hall, this classic British bitter has all the nobleness and elegance you could wish for. tastes of honey and caramel, watch out for the long bitter finish
Lurcher Stoute Green Jack 4.8% The Lurcher Stout Fruity, chocolaty, rich and fulsome, well-balanced with hops, yet So Smooth. Proving to be a real winner, if you like stout you will love Lurcher.
Lydham Manor Archers Ales 4.1% crisp amber ale
Mad Goose Purity Brewing 4.2% Brewed with Maris Otter Malt, Caragold and Wheat Malt with Hallertau bittering hops and Cascade and Willamette aroma hops.Light copper in colour with a great zesty hop character with citrus overtone
Malt & Hops Wadworth 4.5% Unkilned green hops used within hours of picking impart a surge of cleansing orange zest flavours and refreshing bitterness which balances the malt-sweet palate of this pale harvest ale.
Marshmellow Oxfordshire Ales 4.7% A classic, strong beer with a generous warming flavour. The taste is delicious fruity and malty with a lingering bitter aftertaste
Mellow Yellow Sadlers Ales 4.1% A pale honey ale. Powerful hop character is balanced with a sweet honey finish. 4.1% PINEAPPLE, LEMON CITRUS HONEY, FRUITY, SMOOTH
merlin Goffs Brewery 4.3% A light bitter
Midnight Rider Elland 4.4% Brewed with Pale, Dark Crystal, Chocolate, Amber and Roast Wheat Malts, and Boadicea Hops, this beer is very dark ruby red in colour and has an aroma of fresh coffee and malt loaf. It has a malty, fruity, dark chocolate flavour with a fruity sweet aftertaste and a lingering bitterness ... the pinnacle of indulgence!
Mighty Morgan Wye Valley Brewery 4.4% bitter, with a tiuch of fruit easy to drink, great late summer beer
Mild Ale Sadlers Ales 4% Black country mild, full-bodied with hints of chocolate and fruit
Mild chilli and chocolate stout Wentworth Brewery 4.8% Superior stout dark & full bodied with a mild Chilli finish
Mini Cooper Cottage Brewing Company 4.7% Part of the transport series, mid brown very much in the house style.
Mordred Goffs Brewery 4.2% mid brown hoppy and just a nice pint
Morgan Centenary Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.4% Brewed to celebrate 100 years of the Morgan car! A chestnut coloured ale with a distinctive nutty, biscuity flavour and crisp hop character from the generous addition of East Kent Goldings. Serve with beef or vegetable lasagne or Shepherds Pie.
Mortain Thief tring brewery 4% The manor of Wigginton formed part of the vast fee which was held in the 11th century by Robert, Count of Mortain, half brother of William the Conqueror. The entry in the Domesday Book however, indicated that it was not part of the King’s original gift but had been taken forcibly by the Count of Mortain from Tring All traces of the manor house have disappeared but parish notes dated 1875 state that “Wigginton Manor is situated in Tring in Brook Street”. The fee was a reward for Robert, Count of Mortain, by William the Conqueror for his highly significant contribution in the success of the Battle of Hastings invasion. He was actually awarded a total of 549 manors scattered across the country, 13 of which were in Hertfordshire, including Wigginton Manor.
Mud rat Sadlers Ales 4.7% Single hopped chocolate I.P.A – Galena (USA) Brewers notes: Blackcurrant & fruity
Mutley's Revenge Spinning Dog Brewery 4.8% 2005 SIBA WEST CHAMPION SUPREME BITTER 2006 CAMRA WEST MIDLANDS CHAMPION STRONG BITTER Amber in colour, full bodied beer with a citrus Aftertaste.
Mutley's Springer Spinning Dog Brewery 4.4% Three guys tonight that drank it said it was a lovel hoppie beer, and i have no reason to disagre. and they were all card carring CAMRA members
Nadelik Sharps Brewery 4.6% Yet Another Very Good & Drinkable Beer from this Cornish Brewery, Mid brown seasonal ale (Cornish for Merry Christmas). Sharp with a slightly sweet aftertaste and a tart finish.
Neico Church End Brewery 5% This mean the ord "something" in slovak, it is also the brand of grill used in Burger King.
New Moon Leeds Brewery 4.3% A refreshing dark ale. Not to be mistaken for a stout, citrus hops give a clean and unusually refreshing finish.
Nimbus Atlas Brewery 5% a well-balanced yellow/golden beer. dry and fruity at the front, becoming slightly astringent with lasting fruit and a pleasant dry finish.
Northamptonshire bitter Hoggleys 4% This beautiful, rich golden beer has intense but well rounded, refreshing bitterness. This can only be achieved with the liberal use of low alpha hops; in this case, Fuggles and Northdown.
Northern Light Orkney Brewery 4% A straw coloured beer, hoppy and refreshing, fruity hop notes can develop a true lager nose. A late copper hop is intense without being cloying
Northern Light / Nimbus Orkney Brewery / Atlas brewery 4% See each beer
Old Gravel Treader Church End Brewery 5% A bright clear brown bitter, easy drinking with a long finish
Old Herbaceous Church End Brewery 5% A pale yellow beer, very light and easy to drink but with a full hop taste
Oracle Salopian 4% Style: Oracle is a new core beer to the Salopian range. It is a crisp, sparklingly sunflower gold ale with a striking hop profile. Dry and refreshing with a long balanced aromatic finish.
Orange Green Jack 4.2% The Green Jack Brewing company’s Orange Wheat Beer is light, with grainy citrus & marmalade flavours. ‘Orange’ is the big favourite with our locals and regulars and at 4.2% this delightfully drinkable Wheat Beer is enjoyed by real ale enthusiasts and amateurs alike
Oscar Wild Mighty Oak 3.7% Champion Beer of Britain 2011 Champion Mild of Britain 2006 A wonderfully mellow, nutty, morish dark mild. Brewed using Maris Otter Pale, Crystal and Black malts and gently hopped with Challenger.
OT Wye Valley Brewery 3.9% OT. It's an exciting beer brewed with golden oats. It's pale gold in colour, and when tasted shows hints of sweetness. We could go on all day about how wonderful it it, but that would be OTT
Our Ken Cottage Brewing Company 4.5% A rich mid-brown bitter full of malt and hops
Outside Half Hook Norton 3.9% Outside Half, at 3.9 per cent ABV is a pale and crisp beer, which is smooth and stylish with a wonderfully bitter finish, and promises to deliver so much - try one and see if you agree. As it wings its way across the palate, and touches down on the taste buds, you’ll want to stay propped at the bar.
Painted Lady Wentworth Brewery 4.8% Well balanced, pale and hoppy
Pendle Witches Brew Moorhouse's Brewery 5.1% A faint malty nose leads to a rich sweetish nutty flavour with a subtle hoppy bitterness
Piddle in the Snow Wyre Piddle 5.2% Dry strong tastes draw your attention to the balance between malt and hops in the brew
Pig Brooke North Cotswold Brewery 3.8% mid-brown session bitter
Pig on the Wall (Mild) Black Country Ales 4.3% mild at its best
Pinball Wizard Kelham Island 4% A delighful refreshing light golden ale, combining a sweet biscuit malt character and subtle floral aroma with undertones of summerfruits and giving way to a honey like taste.
Pixie Dance Archers Ales 4.2% very light beer with a strong taste, that hides its lower gravity, and get retains the fact that it is easy to drink.
Pooh Beer Church End Brewery 4.3% A bright golden beer brewed with honey sweet yet hoppy very moreish
Prince's Pride Wye Valley Brewery 4% Part of the Herefordshire History Series, the imagery depicts Owen Glendower who is buried in Herefordshire. A golden ale, with a hint of toffee and a late hop finish.
Pulpit Church End Brewery 4.8% Wow what a great beer to clear the Christmas cobwebs with a full light easy to drink bitter that leaves you trying to guess why the pump clip has a four poster bed on it
Pure Gold Purity Brewing 3.8% is a refreshing Golden Ale
Pure UBU Purity Brewing 4.5% Pure UBU pronounced OO-BOO - is named after our faithfull/feared canine friend UBU, protector of our secrets. UBU 4.5% ABV is a distinctive Premium amber coloured beer. Using 100% English Marris Otter Malt with Challenger and Cascade hops, creates a balanced full flavoured beer that is a pleasure to drink.
Pusty Hrad Church End Brewery 3.9% amber to copper colour, strong aroma named after a Slovkia castle
Quadhop Downton Brewery 3.9% This remains our most popular session bitter. Four varieties of hops (Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Pioneer, and Styrian Goldings) provide a full range of floral and citrus aromas, and a moreish bitterness that drinks superbly down the glass
Red Mist Bridge of Allan Brewery 5% A wheat beer made with scottish raspberries
Regatta Adnams 4.3% The perfect summer bitter, light in colour, light dry and crisp, serverd cool on summers eve.
Reservoir Hogs Hoggleys 4.3% Full on flavour from this light copper coloured ale. Deep dryness and strong bitterness followed by a sweetening aftertaste of dark malt. A lively exciting beer with a hoppy ending.
Resolution Blonde Ale Traditional Scottish Ales 4.1% Resolution Blonde Ale: 4.1%abv - 9Gallon A sensational style of blonde beer, Clean sharp and fresh flavoured to the taste. Hopped with a fruity organic hop with a hint of citrus on the palette and very satisfying aftertaste.
Rip Van Winkle Wyre Piddle 3.9%
Roar spirit Blue Bear Brewery 4.2% Amber-coloured tenacious beer, brewed to give a rounded malted flavour Add to this the balanced bitterness of traditional English hops and this real ale really doescharm a spicy, blackcurrant aftertaste
Rock 'N' Roll Bakehouse Brewery 4.2%
Rosetta Stone Full Mash 3.9% dark brown great smell, low abv just what you need in a bitter
rous rat cider rous 6.6% strong dry cider, made by two blokes in a field worestershire!!!
Ruby Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.7% Ruby ale like all products from Wye Valley does what it says a ruby colour ale, some what bitter but cracking taste gromit!!!!!
Ruby Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.7% Ruby Ale is a ruby-brown beer with a rich, full-bodied flavour of roasted malt balanced by a little sweetness and a long, hoppy finish.
Rugby Ale Church End Brewery 5% Named after both the town and the game, this ale is dark reddish brown in colour, with a bubbly but quickly subsiding head. The aroma is of dark roast malt, with a yeasty, worty, slightly marzipan-like character that seems to suggest a stronger beer. In the mouth it is lighter, quite malty, caramelly and even a little treacley, with a subtle sweetness that cloys to the palate. Some dark fruit notes are present, including plums and raisins. There is also a reasonable amount of bitterness, accompanied by a socky hint of hop flowers. Aftertaste is malty and soft, lingering cloyingly on the roof of the mouth.
Rusty Dudly Church End Brewery 4.5% Just when the weather goes warm, Warwickshires top brewer runs hot with this little stunner, a 4.5% classic, malt, hops, and a after taste that slake a thirst like a snake in a wagon rut!!!
S.S.B Archers Ales 5% a copper colour bitter not to dark and just the right side of strong both in terms of taste and A.B.V
SA Brains 4.2% Low aroma, amber colour a rounded blend of flavours malt fruit and hops are accompanied by a building bitterness
Screech Owl Castle Rock 5.5% The Society of Independent Brewers has awarded Castle Rock Brewery’s Screech Owl the champion’s title in the strong bitter category at their annual meeting in Stratford upon Avon. The beer, already holder of the highest midlands award, judged at SIBA’s regional beer competition held during the CAMRA Nottingham Beer Festival at Nottingham Castle last autumn, was one of seven beers judged for places in the final rankings.
Sharps Own Sharps Brewery 4.4% Own features sweet roasted notes and is very full in the mouth making it the perfect partner for a cheeseboard. It goes particularly well with strong blue cheeses like stilton. Sharp's Own is also well suited to use in or accompanying beef or game stews or pies.
Shooting Star Hammerpot Brewery 3.8% A golden ale with a soft, clean hop character. Light and easy drinking with suprisingly good body for a beer of this strength.
Shropshire Gold Salopian 3.8% Golden, with a flora aroma and a full hoppy flavour that is balanced by a crisp dry maltiness and a rich finish
Silly Mid Whippet Cottage Brewing Company 4.5% Ok, so the pump clip is leg before but who cares the beers is as good as the cricket, a strong gold colour, great taste hops, malt just the sort of thing you need to stress the Aussies out with "come on Shane lend us your brain were're building a moron"
Silver Lining Blue Bear Brewery 4% This burnished copper coloured beer hasa smooth malt flavour, complimentingperfectly its dry hoppy finish. The combination of hops gives it a subtle spicy fruitiness
Silver Lining Wye Valley Brewery 4.2% Created last year for our 25th anniversary. The recipe includes pale and roasted malts, and three different hops, all of which are perfectly balanced in this full-bodied ale.
Sister Seagull Elland 4.1% straw coloured bitter
Slaters Supreme Slaters Ales 4.7% A well hopped tawny bitter fresh and fruity with a hoppy aroma the hops linger developing bitterness and a moreish finish
Smooth Radio Ale Slaters Ales 3.9% Smooth Radio’s good friends Slater’s Ales of Stafford are brewing us our very own Smooth Radio Ale. This Real Ale will be making an appearance in pubs and festivals around the West Midlands
Sneck Lifter Jennings 5.1% A strong dark brown ale with a complex balance of fruit and malt and a full roast finish
Snow Monkeys Sadlers Ales 4.2% well pale for a chrismas ale lots of hop dry finish high cirus fruit taste
Special Young's Brewery 4.6% Smooth fruity beer with a good malty/hoppy balance and a fruity bitter after taste
special Young's Brewery 4.5% A classic bitter that has gained cult status among cask ale drinkers. Amber in colour, Young's Special has a fruity, slightly estery nose with a good hop aroma and full round flavour, a fine balance between malt and hops. 100% malt brew: Maris Otter and crystal malt together with Fuggle and Golding hops. Note from the Head Brewer A real mouthful of flavour - savour what being Special is all about.
special Sharps Brewery 5.2% Special is the sweetest and most alcoholic of all the range. The sweetness complements most deserts and most especially those with a good measure of sugar such as treacle puddings and stewed fruits. The sweet roasted aroma also make Special perfect with creamy and rich cheeses. Taste Notes from Head Brewer Stuart Howe "Delicious jellied fruit aromas blend perfectly with inviting roasted notes. The mouthfeel is succulent with dried fruit, malt and delicate hop bitterness. The finish is lingering and warm with fruit and malt notes. For a strong ale Special is subtle and dangerously drinkable."
Spiders have feelings too Church End Brewery 4.8% This one breaks the mould bad name meen bad beer, but this is from church end so you know it is nice,
Spitfire Shephers Neame 4.5% Spitfire has been Shepherd Neame's runaway success story of the past decade, with soaring sales spurred by quirky World War 11-themed advertising which has won awards, hit the headlines, and had consumers clamouring for more. Originally produced in 1990 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle Of Britain, Spitfire has a lingering malt and hop flavour, with a well-balanced, lasting aftertaste. Spitfire is now Shepherd Neame's biggest-selling cask conditioned ale. It is available in thousands of pubs nationwide, including most J.D.Wetherspoon outlets, and is also packaged in bottles and cans for the take-home market. Tasting notes: Crafted from traditional varieties of English malt, this golden ale combines an underlying depth of maltiness, tinged with a subtle hint of toffee, with the bold citrus and fruity spiciness of Kentish hops, to produce a well-balanced, thirst quenching, popular drink.
Spring Mild Adnams %
Spring Mild Sharps Brewery 3.5% A drak brown mild, finished with cornish gorse
Spring Mils Sharps Brewery 3.5%
Spring-Heeled Jack Sadlers Ales 4.2% Single hopped amber ale – NZ Cascade (NZ) Brewer’s notes: Refreshing citrus apple/grapefruit hop character
St Michael's Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.7% A harvest ale brewed with un-kilned hops brewed to rasie money for St Michaels hospice text smh to 84858 to make a ÂŁ3 donation
Starlight White Star Brewery 5% A wonderful, golden bitter. The subtle blend of malt and hops gives it a bitter finish and long after-taste.
Steaming On Hook Norton 4.4% Steaming On, at 4.4 per cent ABV, will be on sale in pubs throughout November. Hook Norton’s Steaming On was first brewed in 1999 to celebrate the centenary of the brewery’s steam engine, which still remains in use. Steaming On is a dark reddish – brown ale, with a very unusual slightly smoky flavour. Hook Norton Managing Director James Clarke said: “The unique flavour is derived from the use of a small amount of Peated malt, which is normally reserved for whisky production. The flavour is warming and comforting without being overpowering.” Steaming On ingredients: Maris Otter Pale Ale, Brown, Peated, Enzymic malts, Fuggles Goldings and Challenger hops. Food pairing: Steaming On is a perfect partner with game dishes, it works extremely well with stronger more robust flavours
Stout Coffin Church End Brewery 4.6% A Stout, makes a nice change dry and malty, with a rich dark brown/red colour, good after taste.
Strawberry Silk Wentworth Brewery 4.2% Not heavy like the Belguim ones just a hint of strawberry.
Strong Dark Mild Archers 5% say's it all
Summer Days Ton Wood's 4.4% A cask conditioned lager style bitter with a delicate flavour.
Summer Haze Hook Norton 4.5% The first wheat beer from Hook Norton, but don’t be fazed if it has a slight haze, wheat beers are meant to. Light, fruity, highly effervescent and refreshing, it is an ideal drink for a summer’s day. A common style in Belgium and Germany, where they are often known as white beers, the protein in wheat can cause a slight haze in the beer.
Summer Lighting Hop Back Brewery 5% A pale bitter with a good fresh hoppy aroma and a long dry finish very easy to drink
Summer Luvin' Wentworth Brewery 4.6% An amber coloured refreshing ale with citrus notes and a challenger hoppy finish, a beer you really can love.
Summer of '69 Wye Valley Brewery 4.9% Summer of 69 - 4.9% Our brewer has been reminiscing about those long hot lazy days of his youth. Summer of 69, with no strings attached, proves there is some romance left in this hectic world. It is brewed using Pale, Crystal, Amber and Wheat Malts combined with Herefordshire Fuggles and East Kent Goldings. This combination produces a delightful rich amber coloured beer
Summer Stinger Wye Valley Brewery 4% NEW! Brewed with organic Herefordshire nettles, mid brown in colour, this beer has a grassy aroma with citrus notes. Serve this in the garden with lemon chicken, cous cous and a mixed salad
Sunshine Ale Church End Brewery 5% A very pale 5% ABV Bitter with a dry hop taste and finish
Swindon Wilts Archers Ales 5% Strong dark Mild 5% ABV a very strong in mild terms, dark with lots of malt and an easy to drink finish
Tanglefoot The Badger Brewery 5.1% A full-bodied beer, pale straw in colour with a characteristic fruitiness medium bitterness and a slightly spicy finish.
Tera Queen of the Succubi Oakham Ales 4.2%
Thames Tunnel Cottage Brewing Company 4.7% Celebrating 200 years of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this mid brown bitter with a smooth taste and a great malty aroma.
The best 4x4 Wye Valley Brewery 4.4% To celebrate the diamond jubilee of the farmers friend, Wye Valley Brewery has produced The Best 4 × 4. Brewed with Maris Otter pale, wheat, Munich malt and Perle hops. A classic brown ale with a sweet nutty flavour balanced by a resinous hop character.
The Best 4x4 By Far Wye Valley Brewery 4.4% A classic brown ale with a sweet, nutty flavour balanced by a resinous hop character, this fine ale was first brewed in 2008 to celebrate the diamond jubilee of 'the farmer's friend'.
The Tempist Church End Brewery 4.9% Golden yellow and rich with a warming hoppy finish
The Tippling Philosopher Wye Valley Brewery 4% The Tippling Philosopher is a book published by Merlin Unwin of Ludlow. It contains many funny stories from the Welsh Marches and beyond. This beer is very pale in colour and is brewed using Maris Otter Pale, Wheat Malt and hopped at the start and end of the boil with Styrian Goldings for a distinctive hoppy aroma.
The Whippet Strikes Back Cottage Brewing Company 4.1% A return of the ever popular whippet series this version is lower in abv and light to mid brown in colour, a lack of hops is the only down side to this fine easy to drink ale
Thin Ice Sadlers Ales 4.5% An extremely pale beer finished with a hint of citrus orange hops.
Three Tuns Stout Three Tuns brewery 4.4% Black, silky-smooth, creamy, old-fashioned stout with a tight, foamy head and effusive caramel and burnt, roasted flavours, carrying to a long spicy, bitter finish
Tiger Everards 4.2% Mid brown in colour and a malty nose and a long bitter-sweet finish
Tomahawak Ellland Brewery 4.7% A pale gold premium bitter with an aromatic hop aroma, finishing with a clean bitterness which comes from the high Alpha USA Hop "Columbus Tomahawk".
Top Gear Archers 4.9% If you gloss over the crap pump clip and get down to the beeer you are in for a treat, malt barley and sweet nose are part of this easy to drink bitter.
Tournament Goffs Brewery 4% Darker than most in the Goffs range but no less good, malt nad hops are well balanced with a long finsh.
Tournament / Thames Tunnel Goffs Brewery /Cottage Brewing 4.7% see each beer
Trashy Blonde Brewdog 4.1% A titillating, neurotic, peroxide, punk of a pale ale. Combining attitude, style substance and a little bit of low self esteem for good measure; what would your mother say? You really should just leave it alone... ...but you just cant get the compulsive malt body and gorgeous dirty blonde colour out of your head. The seductive lure of the sassy passion fruit hop proves too much to resist. All that is even before we get onto the fact that there are no additives preservatives, pasteurization or strings attached. All wrapped up with the customary Brewdog bite and imaginative twist. This trashy blonde is going to get you into a lot of trouble. ABV:4.1%OG:1041.7IBU’s:35Malts:Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Caramalt, Munich MaltHops:Motoeka AmarilloTwist:Made with hops specially imported from America and imagination especially imported from Alice in WonderlandAvailable in
Treason Tipple Hook Norton 4% Well they will with Hook Norton’s latest brew Treason Tipple. The four per cent ABV brew has been created to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of The Gunpowder Plot. The Brewers at Hook Norton have conspired to produce a dark ale, powdery on the palate with smokey overtones, reminiscent of another Hooky beer. But can you solve the mystery. Try one and see!
Trekker's Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.2% A hint of toffee and chestnuts, for a smooth finish
Tunnel Vision Box Steam Brewery 4.2% well rounded bitter clean finish
Twelve Days Hook Norton 5.5% A dark brown strong beer brewed for Christmas,lightly hopped, with a strong malt and nutty flavour, and long smooth aftertaste.
Valiant Bateman 4.2% Tasting Notes A delicious golden beer, clean, crisp & zesty.
ValinantTasting Notes Bateman 4.2% Tasting Notes A delicious golden beer, clean, crisp & zesty.
vertigo Salopian 7.2% The colour of an eclipse, the aroma is of char, chocolate & roasted malts and then the flavour of pine & citrus ascends over the palate, bringing the full bodied finish to a dizzying height.
Vicars ruin Church End Brewery 4.4% pale, great taste and style a true classic
Victory Ale Wye Valley Brewery 4.6% Brewed in memory of the people who have won the Victoria Cross
W.P.A Wentworth Brewery 4% IPA style,Golden,hoppy.Very sexy
Wessex Sizzler Cottage Brewing Company 4.8%
White Bear Blue Bear Brewery 4.5% Golden premium ale, full-bodied with an effervescent fruit character, blended with three hops to leave a smooth mouthfeel of citrus on the palate
White Dwarf Oakham Ales 4.3% Piercing bitterness in this “bright” English style beer, mellows to reveal fruit overtones amidst a dry as bone finish. A real thirst quencher.
White Knight Goffs Brewery 4.7% No surprise then that this is a very pale almost white bitter, just a touch of sulphur on the nose, easy drinking bitter finish
White Knight / Golden Arrow Goffs Brewery /Cottage Brewing 4.7%
Wicked Weasel Newmans Brewery 4.3% another welsh classic
Willie Brew'D Church End Brewery 4.5% Another classic from the top local brewery, this one is made for Burn's night
Winter Hog Newmans Brewery 4.3% Clear medium amber color with a average, frothy to creamy, good lacing, mostly lasting, off-white to white head. Aroma is moderate malty, roasted, caramel, nutty. Flavor is moderate to light light heavy sweet and bitter with a average to long duration. Body is medium,
Winters Dawn Grafton Brewing 4.5%
Worcester Sorcerer Sadlers Ales 4.3% A light golden bitter, light and refreshing, yet smooth and fruity with hints of mint and lemon. A floral aroma and crisp bitterness combining to give a balanced and clean tasting ale.”
Worcester Sorcerer - I.G.A. Sadlers Ales - Church End 4.2% A real I.P.A. with lots of hops... and still more hops! Prepare for a pint of light yellow liquid bitterness. Like the I.P.A. but made with freshly picked green hops. Church End Brewery 5% organic beer, great smell and taste if a little of the normal Chuch end track, but make sure you check out the web site the beer is named after before you you leap
Wye Valley Bitter Wye Valley Brewery 3.7% A classic example of an English bitter beer. Chestnut coloured with a rich white head, delicate hop aroma, malty fullness ending with a crisp bitter finish. Ingredients:- Pale malt, Wheat and Crystal malt. English Target and Goldings hops.
XXXB Bateman 4.8% A brilliant blend of malt and hops and fruit on the noise with a bitter bite over the top of a faintly banana maltiness that stays the course
Yellowhammer O'Hanlons 4.2% Core Brands Yellowhammer Ale Firefly Bitter Red Ale Stormstay Premium Ale Port Stout Special Brands Goldblade Goodwill Tesco's Finest Core Brands - Yellowhammer Ale Alex Bell The Brewing Team 'Originally this was called Summer Gold. It was a very good beer already but we felt we could provide the finishing touch by dry hopping using First Gold hop, which was already in the grist for bittering and late hop. The beer then tasted too good for the rather bland name Summer Gold. I can’t remember who came up with Yellowhammer but it was perfect. This rare but beautiful bird now shares its name with our most popular cask ale by far. I’m sure they don’t mind.' Tasting Notes Colour: brilliant gold Aroma: a zesty pineapple and banana fruitiness, underlain by a biscuity maltiness. Palate: tropical fruit (ripe banana) with an interplay between the biscuity malt and the fruitiness — superbly refreshing, fruity and summery. Finish: dry and bittersweet. Not a big bitter beer.
Yellowhammer O'Hanlons 4.2% Alex Bell The Brewing Team 'Originally this was called Summer Gold. It was a very good beer already but we felt we could provide the finishing touch by dry hopping using First Gold hop, which was already in the grist for bittering and late hop. The beer then tasted too good for the rather bland name Summer Gold. I can’t remember who came up with Yellowhammer but it was perfect. This rare but beautiful bird now shares its name with our most popular cask ale by far. I’m sure they don’t mind.' Tasting Notes Colour: brilliant gold Aroma: a zesty pineapple and banana fruitiness, underlain by a biscuity maltiness. Palate: tropical fruit (ripe banana) with an interplay between the biscuity malt and the fruitiness — superbly refreshing, fruity and summery. Finish: dry and bittersweet. Not a big bitter beer.
Young's bitter Young's Brewery 3.7% Bursting with taste, Young's Bitter is an easy to drink, refreshing cask ale with a fresh, fruity aroma that leaves a long, satisfying bitter finish. It is traditionally brewed to deliver a clean taste and is light and dry in flavour with a subtle taste of hops. Brewed by methods unchanged for generations to modern standards using only the highest quality traditional ingredients. 100% malt brew: Maris Otter and crystal malt with Fuggle and Golding hops.
Zeitgeist Brewdog 4.9% It seeks to recreate the spirit, attitude and autonomy of an age gone by. Its inspiration is found more than 200 years ago. Zeitgeist takes an age old classic, a forgotten masterpiece and gives it relevance and an avant-garde edge. Zeitgeist encapsulates our view of contemporary society, yet simultaneously endeavours to improve it. There is too much conformity. Not enough thought, not enough individualism, not enough alternatives. Our military line ups represent conformity to a higher authority, be it political, brand, celebrity, religion or trend. The subjects in our dystopian landscape further seek to repress their identity through uniforms and masks. Yet underneath their body shapes reveal cracks of personality and individualism. Zeitgeist is about identity, non-conformity and idiosyncrasy. It is a collective, an idea, a movement. It is about giving up ownership of itself to those who care enough to listen.

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